TEMPISH Black Storm

Producer:                         Tempish

Recommended Use:        Inline Hockey, Roll Ball
Shell:                                Resistence PVC, TENDER Nylon
Chassis:                            Special AL Alloy Thickness 2.8mm
Diameter of Wheels:      70mm,72mm,76mm,80mm
Hardness:                         85A

Product Description

Why are the TEMPISH TRITON BLACK STORM skates primarily used for in-line hockey on asphalt and concrete?

1. RADICAL wheels

2. External replaceable protectors

3. Resistant outside PU material

4. Reinforced chassis TEMPISH MESH ULTRA

Stable load-bearing capacity 4.

Wheel size:

Size 37-38 wheels: 70/72mm

Size 39-41 wheels: 72/76mm

Size 42-44 wheels: 76/80mm

Size 45-47 wheels: 80/84mm


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